Things You Should Never Say to Your Boyfriend

Every girl is moody and usually, their boyfriend has to deal with their rude, mean and crazy comments. They don’t realize that how much they hurt their loved ones by the comments they made in haste. They may not even realize that guys too have feelings because they hide it. 

To avoid unknowingly upsetting him, you must check out the things you should never say to your boyfriend.
1. You are better than all the guys I have dated.”
Although, you think it is a good compliment. However, he will surely feel like you had terrible experiences in relationships.
As guys are practical, he might even think that there must have been a problem with you because you tried so many guys and every relationship turned out to be awful. And, he can also think that you are dating him only because you find him better.
Hence, you might leave him once you find someone better. It is a fact that each one of us has insecurities and this statement can make him feel insecure around other guys who are better than him.
In order to avoid this kind of situation, you must never compare him with anyone. You can say, You are the best” instead of saying, You are better than the rest.”
2. Can you really afford that expensive car?”
Think before ever asking such a question to anyone. Guys have to start contributing money to their home and hence, they don’t usually have the desire to buy such things in young age.
If you ask him such a question, he will surely think you want luxury and not love. And, as women are empowered they don’t really need the money of their boyfriends. Think about it, what if he puts the same question towards you, what will you think about him and your relationship?
And, in case, he was purchasing it by taking a loan, then also you shouldn’t ask such a question. He might think you are acting like his mother and soon he will start treating you like his mother. Surely you don’t want that.
You can discuss with him about handling money the best way instead of putting the question in that manner because he might feel you challenging him.
  1. “You should make that guy your friend.”
You might say this statement innocently. However, he might become jealous. You must always think before saying something like that because if he suggests you to make friendship with one of the cool girls, what will you think about the situation.
Guys think the same way. He might think you want to become close to the other guy and that is why you suggesting such a thing. He might also think you are considering another guy better than him.
You don’t have to force anyone to become friends with anyone. If they feel like becoming friends, they will.
4. She told me not share with anyone, but…”
You will think that sharing secrets is a way of showing trust. However, he might think that your secrets are gossip like most girls do.
Most guys don’t want to be part of girly gossips. You should share secrets unless he is also sharing secrets about his guy friends. He might also think you are betraying your friend. He might not trust you when it comes to sharing secrets.
If you have to share with him, start with, I am only sharing it with you.” That way, he will see trust in your words for him and also respect for her friend.
5. Don’t be stupid I have never done that.”
In a relationship, your partner will surely want you to try different things. You can say no to some things. But, the reason shouldn’t be that it new for you. If you don’t feel like doing, you have to force yourself. But, if it is new and you can try, then you should.
Trying out new things together will make your relationship stronger. However, if you always say no to new things, your partner will think you stubborn and don’t like changes and movements in life.
  1. “I love you, but do you love me?”
It is not something you should ever ask him. In a big way, you are making him think whether he is really dating the right person. Girls usually are able to find out themselves, without even spying, whether a guy likes her or not.
  1. “I hate your friends. Find better friends.”
Guys usually have a bromance with their school and college friends and if you say something like this, he will have to make a choice between them and you. He will most probably want to be friends with them, even if you don’t like them.
If there is really any problem with some of them, then you need to share that particular reason of hatred.
  1. “You never understand me and my feelings.”
If he really doesn’t understand you, he would have left you alone. Instead of saying this, share your feeling with him directly. Guys don’t want to stress much about understanding the emotions without ever hearing anything from you.
  1. “Please don’t talk with her, I don’t like her.”
Such a statement proves that only you are having a problem with the other girl. So he will avoid her, but only in front of you. They will talk normally because they don’t have a problem with each other. He might also think that you are jealous and insecure of her.
  1. “Say sorry/thank you to me.”
Doesn’t that statement sound childish and immature? There should not be thank you and sorry in a relationship. If he has already realized his mistake, why do you want to hear sorry for? In case, he didn’t then what is the use saying something which he didn’t even mean.

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