Before learning to apply perfect makeup, you must find out right foundation based on your skin color and type. Most women are unable to do perfect makeup because they don’t choose the right foundation. According to a study, only 15 percent women apply the right foundation on their face. Foundation is the first thing you apply before starting your makeup and that’s why it is called foundation. Without right foundation, your skin looks dull and your face won’t glow the way it should. We have brought some simple tips to guide you in getting a flawless skin. 1. Find your skin type You must knowRead More →

Write and welcome criticism until you become a writer. Be consistent in your work after becoming a writer. Here are 4 Ways to become a great writer Can you play guitar without the knowledge of right technique, strategy, and style? No, right? You can become a famous guitarist as well as writer by following the mentioned steps- 1. Strategy Ask yourself why? Know the reason why you want to do this. Do you have the passion and basic skill? What are those skills? Source Here are some signals to look for: Do you want to become the best, a pioneer or an expert? Will youRead More →

As soon as your cousin’s marriage gets fixed, you start planning about shopping, dance and fun time with the new couple. And, in case, it is your elder sibling’s marriage, of course, you are going to be one of the most significant members in the wedding. You will receive all the pampering, duties and responsibilities to make the event happening. And, you will surely become busy for those couple of months. While you are aware all this, here are the other things you will face when your cousin or your own elder sibling gets married. 1. It’s party time Source Your house suddenly turned intoRead More →

You have picked up a plenty of fat around your tummy and the inclination that you don’t have anything to wear to shroud that ‘malicious lump’ is quite recently killing you nowadays. Right? Relax! Fashioninja is here to comprehend all your closet issues and this basic manual for concealing the tummy with right dresses will absolutely take your breath away. Here we go on the best way to conceal your tummy: 1. Free, Baggy Tops Who doesn’t realize that tight outfits complement the best parts of our body? All things considered, the pitiful part is that they draw out the most noticeably bad ones asRead More →