Milk cream can do wonders for your beautiful skin. It not only acts as a natural moisturizer but also can be part of your skin care regime. It contains numerous vitamins and minerals and is enriched with proteins and fats vital for an increase of new cells. 1. Moisturizes the skin The milk cream is also known as Malai is enriched with fat. Hence, it is the best moisturizer. You can use it instead of applying chemical filled moisturizing cream in your face. Milk cream can keep your skin hydrated for long hours. It will go deep under your skin to nourish its tissues. 2.Read More →

We all wish for that perfect, impeccably reasonable appearance that would give us a trust in ourselves. Furthermore, in an urgent wish to understand that reasonable skin, we tend to attempt chemical-based items which show hazardous results in a long-run. In spite of the fact that these chemicals do give a moment gleam, they additionally accelerate the aging procedure for our skin, making it droop, create wrinkles, or even transform it into an exceptionally unusual appearance. There are better choices, accessible in that spot at your home. For example, honey is a characteristic substance that gives reasonableness and shines to the skin. These are aRead More →