Beauty Related Products to Add to Your Bucket List

You need to change the use of beauty products according to the weather. This article will share with you natural as well as herbal skincare products for your skin. Every weather brings with it a unique set of skin problems. From dry skin to pimple growth and chapped lips, you have faced all the skin related problems. You can’t avoid them, but get rid of them with proper care. You don’t have to worry about skin damage because these products are chemical free.

Natural Things

Add natural things on your bucket list to refresh and rejuvenate your beautiful skin and hair.

  1. Oils

You need oil to make your hair as well as skin softer and glorious. Oil will help in keeping your skin appear supple for long hours. It maintains the collagen in your skin. Apply coconut or olive oil on your face, body, and hair. It will give you silky soft hair and skin. It will also lighten the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Salts

Apply bath salt. It will soften, moisturize and smoothen your skin. It relaxes your mind and destroys stress. A bath using salt relaxes sore muscles. It will reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

  1. Milk

Milk will surely make your skin soft, even, smooth and supple as it is rich in protein, fats, and vitamins. It hydrates skin and retains moisture. It possesses lactic acid which you need soften your skin. Apply whole milk on your directly and leave it for 10 to 15 before washing it off.

  1. Honey

Honey can not only deep clean pores but also add moisture to your parched skin. However, honey doesn’t suit everyone. So, you must check it before applying on your whole face. If you feel an itching feeling wash it right away. If honey suits your skin, apply and leave it for 15 minutes.

  1. Herbs

Herbs reduce stress and soothe the skin. You can attach dried herbs like lavender, rosemary, mint, or chamomile in a towel. Apply it under running water. You can alternatively boil dried herbs in water. Add it in your bath tub. It also promotes sleep and relaxes your mind.

  1. Essential oils

Use these oils, if you are suffering from troubled skin, achy muscles, stress or hair loss. Aromatic baths with these oils will also be great for your body. Use it for a soothing aromatherapy bath.

  1. Tea

Add 3 to 5 tea bags in your bath tub. You can also brew 1 or 2 cups of green tea, chamomile or peppermint tea. Use it for 20-30 minutes. It will detox your skin and provide you healthy hair. Tea is known for boosting hair growth and providing shiner hair.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal must be included in your beauty list. It will cure chickenpox, itchy skin, allergic reaction and dry skin. Mix a cup of oatmeal in your bath tub. Use it for 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. Lemon

You can use half cup lemon juice or 3-4 fresh sliced lemon. Lemon will give you glowing skin. As lemons refresh, it shrinks pores and lightens scars. It is known for its healing and mood-boosting properties. It will revive your skin.

  1. Baking Soda

Use baking soda for 10-15 minutes. It is the safest and natural way to soothe your irritated skin. It relieves body aches. It will remove dead cells and detox the body without irritation.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Mix a cup of apple cider vinegar in your bath tub. It draws toxins out of the body. Leave it for 5-10 minutes to remove discomfort from sunburn. It will give you toned and moisturized skin.

Herbal Skincare Products

  1. Iraya

Bring the full range Iraya’s personal care products. The products include bath bombs. You can dissolve it in your bath tub with warm water. The ingredients will do wonders for your skin. It will make you relaxed and nourish your body. Iraya’s neem-based skincare keeps skin refreshed and radiant.

  1. Nimbadi Lepa

Neem Face Pack is detoxifying, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. People with normal to oily skin can use it. It balances the skin and makes it glow. It contains neem, balhirda, and organic rice.

  1. Purifying Neem & Basil Scrubbing Shower Gel   

People with oily skin should use it. It will give you a healthy glowing skin. Ingredients include lemon leaves, basil, neem, and walnut shell.

  1. The Body Shop

Get organic beauty and cosmetic products from here. All the products are inspired by nature. The products are filled with natural ingredients. It also delivers beauty products, accessories, fragrances and make-up products for both men and women.

  1. Vitamin C Skin Boost

It is great for instant radiance. It boosts your glow and includes vitamin c product. This product will brighten your skin and encourage collagen production. It improves elasticity and protects the skin.

  1. Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash

It is great for blemished skin. Its creamy texture removes impurities.

  1. FabIndia

It delivers almost everything you need from personal care products to shampoos and conditioners. You can also get oils, scrubs, lotions, soaps, and more.

  1. Lemongrass Essential Oil Spray

It has a cooling effect. It will rejuvenate and refresh your skin.

  1. Shahnaz Husain moisturizing cream

It is best for moisturizing for any skin type. Your skin quickly absorbs it providing maximum nourishment. The cream is filled with dates, honey and rose water distillate. The rose water will heal your skin. It will keep the moisture intact. Honey will provide your skin much-needed glow. Dates will soften your skin.

  1. Lotus Herbals

The brand delivers a full list of cosmetic and beauty products not only for hair, skin, and body but also for sun and make-up! Its lipsticks have a creamy texture. Its creams and scrubs smell truly awesome.

  1. Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream

It renews your skin when you are in deep sleep. This cream will undo the skin damage caused during the day. It will restore firmness and remove imperfections.

You will find supple and renewed skin in the morning.

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