9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re Not A ‘Girly’ Girl

Your friends, cousins, and relatives call you with irritating names and make fun of you. You are known as a tomboy just because you don’t know how to do makeup, wear saree and sandals like other girls. Instead of watching TV serials, you start playing cricket with other guys. And, because of your boldness, your friends call you ‘Gunda.’

Here are 9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re Not A ‘Girly’ Girl-

1. You like Black over Pink Dresses.

Whenever you visit a shopping store with your friends, you pick black, blue and white colored dress while your friends choose a red, pink or orange dress. The extremely dark or light colors fascinate you.

2. You don’t like to show your emotions to everyone.

Unlike other girls, you don’t show emotions on little things but share your opinions on important matters.

3. You like action and comedy movies over romantic movies.

You like to watch movies like Race over Jab We Met.

4. You don’t care about your weight.

You like to eat junk foods every time you go out with friends. But, you order pizzas and burger while your friends only want Pani Puri. It is not that they don’t like what you ordered, it is just that they are health (weight) conscious like other girls and you are not.

5. You love gaming.

You loved to playing video games in your childhood and now you are aware of every new and thrilling game available online.

6. You are a Grammar Nazi on Facebook.

Instead of commenting with aww, hugs and kisses on Facebook, you start giving your friends grammar lesson.

7. You like guys on Facebook who are sarcastic.

Unlike other girls, you don’t stick with their profile pictures. You read their comments because pictures are boring and words are interesting for you.

8. You can attend exam with your messy hair.

The messier, the more glamor!

9. Shopping is done in an hour.

Unlike other girls, you don’t waste a week to get a single top and a month for other stuff. You order jeans, top, and shoes within an hour. It is super quick.

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