10 Annoying Things Indians Do in Train

Every day thousands of passengers use train traveling purposes. Most people will advise you to travel by train in India at least once. Although you should try it, there are some super annoying things you will experience in your journey. From changing seats to non-stop chit chat, here are some annoying things Indians do in train:

1. The constant chit chat
You will find people who really talk a lot. They will be over-friendly to every stranger which is usually annoying. If you have seen Jab We Met, you can relate that person with Geet. They will share their whole life story with you. Sharing each others information is part of the journey for these people.
2. Littering
No matter how much they talk about Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, you will find these people throwing food wastes and chips packet in the train or outside the window. You will also find lots of empty bottles thrown below the seats.
3. Taking your seat
They will come early to take other people’s seat. Then, politely request the other person to change the seat. These people also want your window seat.
4. Snoring
You will usually find aunties and uncles snoring in the train. You won’t be able to sleep for almost an hour because of the noise. Hence, you should always carry headphones while traveling on the train.
5. Nonstop eating
Most passengers feel like they came for a picnic with their family or friends. They will carry lots of food with them. Every hour you will find them eating something. They will also offer some of these foods to you.
6. Playing Antakshari
These people don’t understand that how much annoying it can seem to people seating on another side. Everyone want to pass their time, but it is not good to disturb others for your moment of fun.
7. Being unhygienic
Even if these people are clean and hygienic in their home, they won’t care to do the same on the train. Hence, you will find a dirty toilet on the train. Usually, you have to wait for a long time to get an empty toilet.
8. Turning off and on lights
It won’t be 8 pm and most people will turn the lights off. Then, at midnight some uncles and aunties will turn it on to get something out of their bag or for having tea.
9. Flirting
Being an alone girl on the train, you will usually find guys hitting on you. They will share their personal details with you and will also become over friendly with you.
10. Stuffing luggage everywhere
These people usually bring more than 2 luggage with them. They will put their huge luggage anywhere and everywhere. It will become difficult for you seat there. Sometimes, it will be difficult to walk out from there because of the luggage.

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