How To Choose The Best Foundation Shade According To Your Skin Tone

How To Choose The Best Foundation Shade According To Your Skin Tone

Before learning to apply perfect makeup, you must find out right foundation based on your skin color and type. Most women are unable to do perfect makeup because they don’t choose the right foundation. According to a study, only 15 percent women apply the right foundation on their face.

Foundation is the first thing you apply before starting your makeup and that’s why it is called foundation. Without right foundation, your skin looks dull and your face won’t glow the way it should.

We have brought some simple tips to guide you in getting a flawless skin.

1. Find your skin type

You must know your skin type, meaning oily/dry/combination skin, before starting with the procedure.


Oily skin

If you have oily skin, you should get a matte foundation. It removes excess oil. You should apply minimum foundation.

Dry skin

If you have dry skin, you should get a moisturizing and hydrating foundation. It balances dry skin.

Combination skin

You should get the oil-free moisturizing foundation if you have this. It keeps skin softer and smoother.

2. Applying the right shade

Get the right shade based on your skin complexion. Most women are unaware of their skin tone. Hence, they end up getting the wrong foundation. The shade must match the skin. Otherwise, it will seem like you are wearing a mask. The perfect shade will disappear into the skin.


3. Apply it like a pro

Rules to follow to get a perfect look.


BB cream

Rub it with fingers. Apply one layer. After few seconds, it will mix into your skin.

Liquid foundation

Apply it using a brush to get a glow of naturally beautiful face.


Use a sponge to apply some powder. You can alternatively apply it using a brush.


You can apply it directly or use a sponge on your face.

We hope these basic tips for applying right foundation guided you in getting flawless skin!

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