8 Things That Will Happen in Your Cousin’s Wedding

As soon as your cousin’s marriage gets fixed, you start planning about shopping, dance and fun time with the new couple. And, in case, it is your elder sibling’s marriage, of course, you are going to be one of the most significant members in the wedding.

You will receive all the pampering, duties and responsibilities to make the event happening. And, you will surely become busy for those couple of months. While you are aware all this, here are the other things you will face when your cousin or your own elder sibling gets married.

1. It’s party time


Your house suddenly turned into party place as you consistently make plans with your friends and family members for the upcoming events. You have to take the responsibility to serve snacks and food to each guest as other family members are busy with some other major works. And, you surely have to arrange entertaining DJ sessions.

2. You have to select lots of latest, amazing and apt wedding songs


You will be competing in dance with the gang of your sibling’s spouse. Hence, your song, performance, and choreography matter a lot for your sibling or cousin during the functions.

3. You have to dress up for at least 10 big events


If it is your own sibling’s wedding; obviously, you have to change dress twice compared to your cousins. You must wear gorgeous clothes and accessories.

4. You start planning and get a chance to work as event planner for your home at least


If it is your brother’s wedding, you need to discuss with him and guide him about the naik he should give to his saalis (sister-in-law) for joota chhupai. And, if it is your sister’s wedding, you should be prepared with all the information from the place and time dulha will remove his shoes to the place you can successfully hide it without creating a big problem. It is just a fun rasam you will see in Indian Wedding.

5. Celebrity Treatment with Gifts


Everyone will make you feel special. Your parents, sibling and his/her spouse will give lots of gifts to pamper you.

6. You have to post the pictures of every event on Facebook and Instagram


You have to click not only your pictures but also the pictures of the new couple for the sangeet, engagement, dressing up and makeup with the dance videos. It’s needless to say, you are the one other than their friends to post their pictures and video. Hence, you must show your good photography skills here.

7. Shopping spree and Dance


You have to shop best clothes for yourself, your parents and your sibling. You have to dance to the dhol beats and music in sangeet, bachelor/hen’s party, baraat, and much more such occasions. Time for a lot of fun!

8. Welcome new member in your family



You get a brother and friend in brother-in-law (Jiju). You get a sister and friend in sister-in-law (Bhabhi).

Indian wedding is celebrated like any big festival New year, Diwali or Christmas. For the big event, we have to start planning much ahead of time.

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