10 Home Remedies For Constipation

Most people avoid discussing potty issues in their daily conversation. They are ready to discuss their sore throat. However, they won’t discuss when they didn’t poop for days. Everyone face constipation issues and there is nothing to feel embarrassed about. It is not a joke as it can be downright debilitating. Try home remedies before buying any medicine which can worsen the issues. These remedies will relieve you and help you to avoid such issues in future.

  1. Olive Oil

Oil is not only good for your outer appearance but also for your inner health. Pure olive oil relieves constipation. Consider olive oil’s texture and consistency. It helps to stimulate your digestive system. Hence, it is necessary to make things moving through your colon. If you take it on a daily basis, it can also prevent constipation. All you need is 1 tablespoon of olive oil. You can also add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, but it is not necessary.


Take one tablespoon of olive oil before breakfast. You should take it on an empty stomach to get best results. In case you missed out taking it, you can take it before lunch. For taste, you can mix lemon juice. Lemon juice can also cure constipation.

  1. Lemon

Your stomach will love lemon as much as your nose loves its smell. Lemon juice is rich in citric acid which stimulates your digestive system. It takes out toxins and undigested things created around the walls of the colon. Add the juice with water to reduce the intensity of the lemon flavor. It will also provide you the fluids you require to make things moving normally again. All you need is a fresh lemon with a glass of warm water.


Mix the juice of a lemon into a glass of warm water.

  1. Coffee

Most people love to have coffee in the morning because it offers heavenly aromas which refresh their mind. However, it offers more which they don’t realize. Caffeine stimulates your digestive system. It helps people in running their body properly. Stick with 1 coffee every day.

Too much coffee can adversely affect your health. It can worsen your constipation issues as excess coffee can dehydrate your body. It will make you urinate more often.

  1. Get moving

The more you move your body for running or walking every day, the less health related issue you suffer as things keep moving. Other than dietary changes, your inactive body can increase constipation issues. Lack of movement is connected with getting clogged up.

Move the body to move the smooth muscle in the colon. It is best to do exercise on empty stomach. Do stretches and workouts in the morning.

  1. Go natural

Natural diet relieves and prevents constipation. Your body can process naturally healthy fruits and vegetables. However, the artificial foods don’t pass that easily. Natural foods contain boatloads of fiber. Hence, people who consume natural foods don’t suffer in the toilet.

Basically, you can’t digest fiber but it acts like a sponge. It attracts water from its nearby, expanding it, which softens stool. It attaches bulk to it, which successively assists it to pass. However, beans contribute to constipation. Thus, always drink lots of water. You should include Whole grain bread, Berries, nuts, potatoes, Broccoli, Plums, Beans, Apricots, pears, and apples.

  1. FLAXitive

Flaxseed oil coats the walls of the intestine and stool. It increases bowel movements. Mix this oil with orange juice for even better results when it comes to constipation. Oranges possess a good amount of fiber. Get orange juice with pulp. All you will need is orange juice with pulp (8 oz.) and a teaspoon of flaxseed oil.


Add a teaspoon of flaxseed oil in the bowl of orange juice. Drink with a break of more than 5 hours.

  1. Aloe

Aloe is not only good for your skin, small cuts and burns but also for your tummy. Get pure aloe vera gel directly from the plant. Don’t consume more than 2 tablespoons. It is more powerful than the commercial aloe. If you can’t it from the plant, then drink aloe juice to get same effects. All you will need is 2 tablespoons of pure aloe gel. You can alternatively use a cup of aloe vera juice.


Blend 2 tablespoons of aloe gel with any fruit juice. You can alternatively have a cup of aloe vera juice in the morning.

  1. Baking soda

Baking soda acts really great for both constipation and your tummy aches in general. Since it is a bicarbonate, it allows air to come out from the body and reduce pain from pressure. It re-alkalizes the stomach. It also neutralizes the acid and allows materials to pass from your gut. All you will need is a teaspoon baking soda with 1/4 glass of warm water.


Add a teaspoon of baking soda with a ¼ glass of warm water. You should quickly drink it for best results.

  1. Epsom salt

Epsom salt attracts water from its nearby and helps in softening up a stool. It contains the magnesium which encourages contraction of the bowel muscles. Hence, it makes things easily pass. Table salt can also draw water out. However, it lacks the magnesium that Epsom possess. You should try to get Epsom salt. All you will need is two teaspoons of Epsom salt with a glass of water for adults. You should only take a ½ teaspoon with fruit juice for children.


Mix 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt in a glass of water and drink it. You don’t get any sign of bowel movement within 5 hours, you can take another glass. Only use ½ teaspoon with fruit juice for children.

  1. Prunes

Most popular treatments for constipation is prunes. It acts as a natural laxative as it contains high amounts of fiber and sorbitol. Sorbitol as a natural carbohydrate softens stools. It isn’t easily ingested, resulting in it to drawing plenty of water. It goes from the intestines and adds bulk to stool. However, be careful, excess sorbitol will make stool too soft. All you will need is two glasses of prune juice (8oz).


Take a glass of prune juice before breakfast and another one after dinner. It relieves constipation. It will begin working within hours. Hence, it’s vital to allow a glass pass before drinking another one. You can have a risk of diarrhea with too much consumption. Alternatively, you can consume several prunes if you don’t want to drink.

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