Bedwetting is common in young children. They urinate while sleeping till the age of 5 or 6. Some older children of 14 years old might also wet their bed because of some serious reasons. In some rare cases, you can find adult individually wetting the bed. It is not a serious problem if done occasionally. Usually, you will find boys in these cases as most girls stop bedwetting at an early age. Causes of Bedwetting Genetic disorder – If there is a family history of bedwetting, then it came naturally to the child. 2. The most serious cause of bedwetting is mental or physicalRead More →

Do you want to prevent kidney cancer risk? Then eat more tomatoes. A new study found that tomato or lycopene-rich fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of kidney cancer. Source Lycopene is an antioxidant. Because of this antioxidant, tomato, watermelon, grapes, and papaya are reddish. This study has been done on the eating of the menstruating menace of 92 thousand women. In the study, the amount of micro-nutrient acceptance, including leek open, was collected through question papers. Source There were 383 women who participated in the study to have kidney cancer. Studies have shown that compared to those who have taken less leek pan-rich foods,Read More →

Before learning to apply perfect makeup, you must find out right foundation based on your skin color and type. Most women are unable to do perfect makeup because they don’t choose the right foundation. According to a study, only 15 percent women apply the right foundation on their face. Foundation is the first thing you apply before starting your makeup and that’s why it is called foundation. Without right foundation, your skin looks dull and your face won’t glow the way it should. We have brought some simple tips to guide you in getting a flawless skin. 1. Find your skin type You must knowRead More →

Write and welcome criticism until you become a writer. Be consistent in your work after becoming a writer. Here are 4 Ways to become a great writer Can you play guitar without the knowledge of right technique, strategy, and style? No, right? You can become a famous guitarist as well as writer by following the mentioned steps- 1. Strategy Ask yourself why? Know the reason why you want to do this. Do you have the passion and basic skill? What are those skills? Source Here are some signals to look for: Do you want to become the best, a pioneer or an expert? Will youRead More →

As soon as your cousin’s marriage gets fixed, you start planning about shopping, dance and fun time with the new couple. And, in case, it is your elder sibling’s marriage, of course, you are going to be one of the most significant members in the wedding. You will receive all the pampering, duties and responsibilities to make the event happening. And, you will surely become busy for those couple of months. While you are aware all this, here are the other things you will face when your cousin or your own elder sibling gets married. 1. It’s party time Source Your house suddenly turned intoRead More →

Milk cream can do wonders for your beautiful skin. It not only acts as a natural moisturizer but also can be part of your skin care regime. It contains numerous vitamins and minerals and is enriched with proteins and fats vital for an increase of new cells. 1. Moisturizes the skin The milk cream is also known as Malai is enriched with fat. Hence, it is the best moisturizer. You can use it instead of applying chemical filled moisturizing cream in your face. Milk cream can keep your skin hydrated for long hours. It will go deep under your skin to nourish its tissues. 2.Read More →

Ashok K Biswas didn’t realize that his energy for restoring an old art of Bihar would turn valuable for art admirers as well as for some needy families. The Tikuli or “Bindi” which has decorated the forehead of Hindu women has now found another incarnation as an art frame, on account of the artist, painter and specialist Shree Ashok Kumar Biswas. Source With humble beginnings at Dehri On Sone in Rohtas region of Bihar, this man had an aptitude and an ability to match his fantasies. He may securely be known as the solitary crusader in the fight for the restoration of the diminishing TikuliRead More →

You should never Machine-wash a saree. It should be gently hand washed. However, ideally dry cleaned. In case, you wash the saree yourself, wash only small corner of the saree to test the fabric quality and colors. After washing, you should roll it in a clean towel removing the water. Then, hang it to dry on a hanger. Avoid washing with a detergent in the starting. Use a bit of detergent after 2-3 simple washes. Avoid keeping the saree soaked in detergent water for long hours. Avoid brushing or washing a Silk Saree. This can result in tearing of the silk or zari. Source WashRead More →

Camel pose, also known as Ustrasana, is done on the knees. It is an exercise of bending backward while stretching your entire front body. It is usually tried as training for extensive back-bends. Camel pose is an important posture to stretch while performing several other yoga forms. It is one of the Bikram yoga poses performed around the world. Ustrasana is a Sanskrit word which means Camel pose in English. Those who suffer from neck and back ache should perform this pose every day. These pain are usually caused because of driving or sitting in front of the laptop for a long period of time.Read More →

Are you attending an Indian Wedding for the first time? If yes, then you must be looking for information to help you. This guide will help you by providing all the necessary details with do’s and don’t at Indian wedding. As a newcomer, you will be amazed to see the pomp and extravagance at an Indian wedding. In case, you have previously attended any Indian wedding, you surely loved it. What to wear India is a country divided into 28 states. There are 9 religions and more than 1600 spoken languages. Hence, you can choose from a variety of attires. However, it doesn’t mean youRead More →